Badgers in Gardens

As a nation we are very fond of our wildlife and having badgers visit your garden can be very exciting. They are often attracted by bird seed but also if you have a lawn badgers will be keen to eat the grubs which live in it.

This however is when people become less pleased with the antics of their nocturnal visitors as badgers can cause alot of damage to lawns especially when other food sources run out. There are products available to kill off the food supply in the lawn but this is a last resort as we all know the cycle of nature is a delicate balance. Do get in touch though if you need further advice on this issue.

If you think you may have a badger sett in your garden please get in touch as we can provide further advice on this too and will carry out a visit where necessary.

Should you want to attract badgers into your garden then you can plant natural food sources for them (which will also benefit birds and insects which are in decline) such as Elder, blackberry, apple or pear trees to name but a few. Using native varieties is best. As said above, a nice lawn full of worms and grubs is also one of their favourite food stops.

We always say do this with caution however- be careful what you invite in! If you are wanting to put food out for any visiting badgers keep it to natural feeds such as food grade peanuts (untreated ones) and scatter them. Don’t ever put out anything processed or with a high sugar or fat content- badgers cannot go to the dentist and a badger with no teeth is a badger that can’t eat or defend itself so you are doing far more harm than good.