Legal Protection

Badgers are protected by The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Note that other laws may apply too, where the use of dogs (Hunting With Dogs Act), ferrets or protected species are involved. Differently named but equivalent laws apply in Wales and Scotland.

  • These Acts of Parliament make it ILLEGAL for any person:
  • To kill, injure or take any badger.
  • This includes the use of gas, poison or snares.
  • To cruelly ill-treat a badger.
  • To dig for badgers.
  • To possess a dead badger or part of a dead badger.
  • This includes things like pelts and illegally gotten taxidermy, sporrans and badger trophies.
  • To sell, try to sell or keep a live badger.
  • To intentionally or recklessly damage, destroy, or obstruct access to any entrance of a badger sett.
  • To cause a dog to enter a sett.
  • To disturb a badger which is in a sett.

The badger group recognise that occasionally badgers can cause problems of subsidence where they excavate setts, so the group willingly works with landowners to minimise the detrimental effects the presence of badgers may cause.