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What is RECORD?

RECORD is the Local Biological Records Centre serving Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral – ‘The Cheshire Region’. This centre provides a local facility for the storage, validation and usage of Cheshire based biological data under the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) project.

RECORD brings biological recording, the needs of the community, and a range of organisations together as a ‘one-stop’ information resource for organisations and individuals alike.

RECORD has been running for over 10 years and is one of, if not the, most established local records centre in the UK. By using the SWIFT system to store all our records, we can gain better access to Cheshire’s badger data as well as being able to update it and have a safe place to store badger records so they can be used for maximum gain. Badger issues that arise through Development can be flagged up early and the necessary steps put into place if the information is there.

Can anyone log in and see the locations of setts?

No – you can log into the SWIFT system and search for badger data but it will only show up at a resolution of 10km sq. Our committee will however have access to detailed records as and when needed.

How do consultants get access to data?

By doing what they do now and pay for a data search in relation to a given site. This is carried out by one of the record staff. The consultancy will then be provided with any badger data that comes up as well as other protected species data such as great crested newts or bats. The RECORD staff have shown their commitment to the process and have agreed to work closely with us to ensure it works for both sides.

What are the benefits of this system?

For us, and you the members, this enables us all to have an active roll in protecting our badgers and up-dating information which is vitally important. A variety of setts (eg main, outlier) in a territory can be used during the course of a year, with new latrine sites and of course the road casualties occurring that may tell us that there is a sett in the area.

All records are relevant, so we are urging you to start recording all your badger data and anything else you may see – it is easy! If you don’t have access to a computer, we can post out forms and your data can be added. Have you seen a road casualty? Please enter it onto the system as it might be in and area we are monitoring or it could provide new information as to the movements of badgers in an area. If you have seen badger feeding signs, caught them on camera- all this can be entered into the system.

Right from the formation of Wirral & Cheshire Badger Group, protecting badgers has been our goal and data on the whereabouts of badgers is key to this. Please support the group by logging onto SWIFT and imputing what you see.

If you want a lesson in how to use the system please just ask!

There are guidance tips on the record website.

A guide to entering data into Swift is available HERE